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A vital ingredient that makes your property your home so, if you like our Furnitures tell other, if not tell us why 

Looking for a sliding wardrobe then look no further at Supreme Furnitures we have picked only the very best with the highest quality finish to fit any environment from modern to luxurious at the lowest price ever to suit any home setting together with matching chest drawers and bedsides Please scroll down to view our full range

Onyx Sliding Wardrobe Range

was £350   now £209

Nikko Sliding Wardrobe Range

was £390   now £235

Jet Sliding Wardrobe Range

was £445   now £307

Richmond Sliding Wardrobe Range

was £499   now £309

Cordoba Sliding Wardrobe Range

was £470   now £327

Pipari Sliding Wardrobe Range

was £450   now £337

Chelsea Sliding Wardrobe Range

was £550   now £339 

Ruby Sliding Wardrobe Range

was £599   now £349

Queen Sliding Wardrobe Range

was £490   now £367

Celline Sliding Wardrobe Range
was £650  now £389